Michigan Centennial Farm Assocation

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Over 6,000 of Michigan's Historic Family Farms have been Certified as Centennial or Sesquicentennial.

The Michigan Centennial Farm Association, with support from the Historical Society of Michigan, is working to develop a Data Base of those farms.

As the Certifications by the State of Michigan have not been kept in electronic format, it will take time to locate and make all of the Certification Records available here.

You may Search the Michigan Centennial Farm Data Base for the History of a Centennial Farm belonging to a MCFA member in any of the following categories:

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Note: If you leave the Box Blank when Submitting, you will receive all Farms currently Listed.

If your Search does not provide Information for a Centennial or Sesquicentennial Farm that you believe has been Certified, it is likely that the Data for that Farm has not been located at present. You may email an inquiry to MCFA by writing to:

karen.redman@michigancentennialfarm.org       or


 Or, if a farm is not listed on our website, you may contact the Historical Society of Michigan: